More pics from Chico
When we got off the boat i was pulling B-Troop Sheridan tank. When we got to Highway 1 the M-88 track broke down again. Stayed on Highway 1 until morning and was pulled to L.Z. Nancy and then in late afternoon pulled to Quang Tri. Dont know names of all in picture. The one with baseball cap is from B-Troop. Everybody else is from HHT. The small guy standing is Joe Rodriguez (Security Platoon). Sitting is me ("Chico") and Teslow."
Chico(right) and Levell at Da Nang Camp Faulkner
Ray Delgado
At docks the M88 engine broke down. Called for another M88 engine to change on docks then on to the LST
At the boat docks waiting to go on the LST. Me (far left with sunglasses) and Taylor (center). I think the rest in picture are from B-Troop
All the First Squadron at 101 Airborne A.O. Phu Bai
Camp Faulkner- Frank Torres (C-Troop)
Robert Skelton's pic's