Latest Revision  Mar 3,  2008 for Association changes

1st Squadron 1st Cavalry Association Meeting November 10, 2007 in Washington DC
This is a letter addressed to our 1st Squadron 1st Cavalry Association on the minutes of our meeting at LZ/DC 25th and a letter from the New President John Murphy
Open Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
Open Prayer for all service Men & Women and their families
Nominations for President of Association:
Only name, John Murphy, Members voted to promote Sir. Vice President into President Position.  The Term will end December 2009 as each term is 2 years.
Nomination was put in from the member Merrill Matson to make Terry Babler and Ret. General Richard Graves life membership and the body present voted unanimously yes.
During the meeting and after introductions, with a show of hands to see what percentage of the present members had email, it indicated 80% had email of those present.
Goals of this administration are as follows:
1.We have a committee doing the newsletter, Mike Schroeder and Bob Johnston to run Data Base for newsletter address. Mike said he would get software required to make a newsletter and take all input and edit and ensure grammar and spelling looked correct. Bob Johnston would produce labels and email lists based off the membership roster. He would get pricing for printing and mailing. Bob made a good point of one person doing Data base updates and perhaps keeping it on a secure server with User ID and Password protection.
I am requesting all members to send their email address to our Recorder:

1a. Our goal is to produce a electronic newsletter and email it to active members, 
    those who don't have computers, we will be send a hard copy newsletter the same 
    way we do it now.

2.The way the elections were run this meeting, we are going to rewrite our bylaws to have Directors nominated and voted on to the position of Junior Vice President. With the aim of voting them into office and taking over the leader ship every two years. The nominations will be put into the newsletter and votes will be done approximately 6 months before new terms begin.  Bill Stucker pointed out we need the Bylaw changes as the way this last election was held.

3.Terry Babler expressed desire to keep the PX Items.

4.Finance control of the Origination is the heart of the 1/1 Cavalry Association, Bob Johnston our Recorder will handle the Finances and collect Dues for the 1/1 Cavalry Association. He will manage funds for Newsletter, and PX Items!

5.Bill Stucker is willing to write letters on behalf of the 1/1 Cavalry Association
  when needed as he has experience in this area.

6.I have setup an email address on yahoo for each position of the officers in the association as this would serve as Cavalry business. I would ask that the subject line contains 1/1 Cav and put in description so we as the leadership group will have clear and separate line of communication from our personal email address.  The spaces in the email are _ between the first_first as example!

Once these email accounts are setup, they can be passed on to future members    who will take over that position on next election, thus a plan for                          infrastructure into the future.
President                 John Murphy         
9 Monterey Place
Yonkers, NY 10710-1005
Cell# 914-525-7704

1st Vice President    Bill Stucker           
5578 Raitt Road
Hartsburg, MO 65039-9141
Phone 573-761-7321

Post Exchange (PX )  Terry Babler      
W5889 Durst Road
New Glarius, WI 53574
Phone 608-527-2444

Editor                      Michael Schroeder   
1082 Melinda Drive
Westerville, Ohio 43081
Phone# 614-895-3372

Recorder & Dues          Bob Johnston  
1301 N Shawano Drive
Marshfield, WI 54449-1347
Phone 715-387-4122

Historian               Dennis Moss          
19532 Barrett Lane
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone 714-505-3695

7.    Want to find out from the members and the directors as to how they want future meeting and reunions. The leadership team wants to get participation of all the troops. We have seen in the past where a Troop will have their own reunion, that's good if they are willing to invite the whole association. I can use help and advice this area.

8.Michael Schroeder at  will be our Newsletter editor. We will send him out articles and he will edit them and make ready for our 3 times year newsletter. We will ask that everyone send in their articles for first addition by March 30, 2008, second edition July 30, 2008 and last edition November 30, 2008 so you get a newsletter every four months. This means you will see a April, August and December edition of the newsletter.
    I need everyone's help with articles as its US newsletter, please tell some of your stories in 1/1 Cavalry no matter what year or the job you done, war or pace time!

9.We also took a survey at the during the meeting and after introductions, with a show of hands to see what percentage of the present members had email, it indicated 80% had email of those present. We want your feed back on getting a newsletter via email; we can send it in the email body or as a word document too. Those of members who don't want electronic newsletters can still get a hard copy. We are looking at ways to get the cost of printing 1000 newsletters down and use the money for future events.