Hi Mac, Here are a few pic's of B Troop from 70-71.  I served with B Troop in 3rd platoon from Sept-70 to April-71. My orders came through to transfer to the 123rd AVN BN or the "Warlords" at Chu Lai. There I flew as a doorgunner on Slicks the last 4 1/2 months of my tour in Vietnam. That is myself standing in front of the Warlord slick. Both units were great units to serve with.
Jimmy D Pace "Tiny"


Jimmy D Pace standing in front of the Warlord slick
Left to Right -G. Daniel Paul, Sgt. John Genera, Dale Edmonds, and Ronnie Sessums, Jimmy D. Pace or Tiny standing up behind
B Troop 3rd platoon guys on LST Boat going North to Khe Sunh.
B-37 blown up. The guy in the hole is John Jerabeck. He was driving that day. I was up outside on the side of the blast. Sgt Carter was blown out of the TC hatch. Being staken up I did 'nt care to have my picture taken.
B Troop 3rd platoon out in the bush taking care of business.
B Troop 3rd platoon
pics from Jimmy D. Pace B trp 3rd plt 1/1 Cav                                           Vietnam 70-71
                             more pics from Jimmy