More pics from Jimmy D. Pace B trp 3rd plt 1/1 Cav                                           Vietnam 70-71
the guys at the sea-landing the day we loaded up our tracks and headed for Khe Sunh. 1st row left to right: John Jerabeck, Charlie Pigott, Chris Garrett, Charlie Counts. 2nd row Left to right Kenneth Curry, Juan Cantu, Butch Swearinger, Raymond Delgoeh.
the day we came in from the bush at Hawk Hill and was loading up to head out for Chu Lai.
some of 3rd platoon getting down and having a good time.
Chu Lai on Christmas Eve. Check out the Christmas tree.
3rd platoon in the bush camp out
left to right John W. Parsley, center ?, Jimmy R. Kyzer, They were bagging up rice that had been buried in a graveyard. They also found weapons there.
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