Hay Mac,Thanks for the e-mail.I got to nam in June 70 ,With D Troop 2/34 Armor,Middle of August unit went home with out me and I went to 1/1Cav.Sargent Duflex or the DUKE,was the1st platoon Sarg.He stepped on a mine ,lost a leg.Then we got Sarg. Blake or Daddy Rabbit.I was on B-13 at Khe Sanh operation Lon Son 719.Some bad times up there.I'm bad on names,but I can remember faces. I'm sending a few pic's of me, & some of the guys. David Cook,was the company clerk,we came over together.Keep Safe & God Bless JJ
JJ in front of APC
E-6 from TEX
JJ-Mike Cole- Bobby Kessel
Left.. Tonnie Johnston
8 Miles from Laos
To Jimmy D Pace's Pics